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  • Vincent Marsland

US Election: A Reflection of our Age

**I am writing this after a long night of watching one state after another cast their delegates towards a Trump Presidency. While that may have been the catalyst towards me putting down these thoughts, there is a wider issue I am attempting to raise and highlight that is becoming increasingly prevalent.**

A different kind of glass ceiling was broken today. The glass ceiling that kept xenophobic narcissistic extremists in check has been shattered paving the way for future "leaders" who create their own world view sans evidence and rationalism, who repeatedly abuse and harass others and demean our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends of different ethnic backgrounds. Today the world has changed and is a poorer place for all of us who inhabit it.

This ceiling already contained cracks. In central Europe anti-immigration and neo-Nazi party affiliated leadership had already rose to power. In the United Kingdom, from where I am writing this blog, only a few months back a divisive decision had been made to withdraw from the European Union. Looking farther afield, extremists had been elected to positions in Asia and South America and readily put themselves and their countries at odds with the world. A Trump presidency shatters this ceiling permanently.

The President of the United States is widely regarded as the most powerful position that a person can obtain in the world. Consider that for a moment. The most powerful, and likely influential individual in the world is also one who routinely breaks the normalities of societal decency and values upon which many of us were raised. He is an individual who has made broad negative generalizations about Muslims, Hispanics and those of African descent.

Some serious examination and reflection needs to happen now as to how this situation has come into being. How not only my home country but multiple countries across the world have now elected extremists who have swung basic civil and cultural discussion into a place that would not have been acceptable 15+ years ago. A place where casual discrimination has become not only rampant but tolerable by the general public.

Today I weep, not for the future of the US or political establishment but for the human race as a whole, for today we have taken a further step backwards in the development of our species and in human culture and decency.

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