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  • Vince Marsland

Never too late...

"It's never to late too be what you might have been." - George Eliot

The quote above is my way of saying that while I am (ridiculously) late to the game of beginning my own blog that in many ways it is never too late. I fully recognize that in many ways the blog craze has passed and that in the current busy world where everyone is attempting to maximize the return on where their time is spent that short form (I.E. short social posts & videos) communication has captured the attention of most of my peers. For me however the truly expressive written word will never fade away and there will always be a place and a time for brewing a cup of coffee and sitting comfortably with my tablet enjoying a good blog, novel or full length article.

That is enough however about why this blog exists, perhaps it is better to mention what I'm looking to achieve. I've never been a self-promoter. I would rather for example in a work setting highlight the achievements of my team and give them due credit. Many blogs tend to bring out the inner narcissist of the author that they might not have been aware of and I am going to attempt to avoid that trap as best I can.

Who I am is a 30 something working professional who currently resides in what has historically been one of the centres of the western world, London. Born and raised in the United States I've moved almost every year since I was 18 and have currently resided in 7 US states and 6 countries. I suppose you could say that I am a bit of a rolling stone, however for some reason I've been drawn to London and have stayed these past 6 years.

This potentially gives me a unique perspective on the mud ball that we cling to and those along with me for the ride and hopefully it is a perspective you'll enjoy reading.

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