March 22, 2017

In early 2016 I made a very important choice for my life, I decided to go back to university and pursue an MBA degree.  I’d been out of school quite a bit longer than most of my future peers, 12 years, and would not only be leaving a position in which I was comfortable, but a company that had a great culture and work life balance.  In essence, there was nothing about my current position that was overly negative or really pushing me towards higher education, instead I was two things; curiosity about topics that I had only a cursory understanding, and not feeling challenged in my current role. 

I realized on reflection that I had not felt truly challenged in a long time.  By truly challenged I do not mean in the sense of not having enough minutes in the day to accomplish everything in your to-do list, this is a pressure everyone feels, instead the kind of challenge that stretches your skills and abilities in a way that forces you to grow.  This was partially my own fault for hav...

February 27, 2017

This was originally posted on the Imperial College Business School Blog which can be found here:

To some, the title of this blog might appear to be oxymoronic.  We seem to be living in an age of sweatshops, insider trading, & white collar crime which potentially has created a general opinion that to rise in through the ranks of the business world one has to forgo their personal ethics.  Meanwhile we search around us for strong leadership to guide us, akin to how the North Star guided our ancestors.  As an MBA student, this means that we need to ask ourselves some difficult questions.  What sorts of leaders will we become?  Will we be able to make the difficult decisions needed to navigate the oftentimes murky delineation between right and wrong in the business world?

Recently here at Imperial College, we took a break from our studies to ask ourselves some of these difficult questio...

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Vincent Marsland is an American born MBA graduate, marketing and management expert who is passionate about how best to use new technology to improve lives.

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April 22, 2018

March 21, 2018

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